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Everything Henna. 100% Natural & Safe.

100% Natural

The Henna we use is 100% Natural.

The Jagua we use is also – Natural! 

All the glitter and face paint is also all Body Grade and Safe! 

Be careful because there are a lot of chemicals and harmful ingredients in some henna. If your unsure send us a message we’d love to help.

TIP: Chemical cones have a very long shelf life! and are often sold on the counter or in a fridge, Natural Henna needs to be stored in the freezer.

Henna Recipe

Henna is made up of 4 simple, natural ingredients

  • Henna Powder (organic)
  • Essential Oils (TERP)
  • Sugar (any kind)
  • Water/ Tea/ Lemon Juice

Get A Henna Artist

Available for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Individual Sessions, Bridesmaids Parties & more

Classes & Camps

We are here to educate you about Henna

  • Henna Camps
  • Henna private lessons
  • Henna mixing – Coming soon

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

I will be teaching the 2019 Summer Henna Camp for Kids  (July 22-26) Register online! 

Learn to do Henna

We love teaching! Whether it’s one-to-one or in a group – it’s our favourite part of the henna world! we offer simple classes, group classes, one-to-one and everything from mixology to designing your own unique designs!

Contact us to find out more! 

"Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an Artist when we grow up." Pablo Picasso