The Story of The Henna Doodler

The story of @the.henna.doodler … it all started in math class, on the side of my silver coil notebook, actually on the side of every single paper I was supposed to be studying on…. a straight C student, that never bothered me. But I was a straight-A student in art. Anyways, as time went on my family called me artsy-fartsy.

Cool. I went to Wedding mehndi parties and back in my day they had a basket of #hennacones and they would give you henna on your way out to do your own, only sometimes did they hire a henna artist to actually apply for the guests. That was always the moment I waited for. And the rest of the time was history.

Time went on I continued to doodle on math book covers, in sketchbooks, on my clothes, really anywhere. I joined a local #hennaartist and as she would apply henna for the bride I would doodle all over the guests… About 6 months ago I had to stop working due to health reasons and was told to look for a desk job. But I was so done with the 9-5, I would often fall asleep at my desk and it just wasn’t my scene.

Anyways, about 2 months ago I decided to go all out, make this my path, make it my career, cause it made me happy, I want to wake up in the morning, I don’t spend time wishing to have what others have, I spend time getting inspired by others. I am finally following my dream, with the support of my family and friends (especially the Dhaney)but mostly cause I’m done building someone else’s dream! Follow me, but don’t forget to follow your dreams. Stop doing what doesn’t make you happy.